Tuesday, December 29

[tag] tentang budak ABOI

write 5 interesting facts about the person who give this tag

he is a BOY...
a bz person.. always think of work! work! work!
he is single[SERIOUSLY!] hehehe..
his been a very gud BIG BRO to me.. hepi3!!
1 more thing.. were from KLUANG!

write 5 interesting facts about the yourself and hobbies

i like to make a lot of money. so i can spend it all~ dem!
 i'm a freak fans of asian...drama,songs,anime,film and etc.
 i like to EAT! yeahh
 i like to sing...
 i like to listen to anything.. thats y my BIG BRO likes me~ ahakz~
 i quite kepoh sumtimes.. like huha2~ but can be so silent~~~~~

pick up 10 more derserving recipientsand describe them

uhh.. i skip this~
[siapa nak buat! buat2!!]

penamat post ini: hihi.. da siap da tag!!


BULLET said...


Si budak Aboi said...

keh keh aboi pun x mo wat !

kawie2020 said...

hehehhehehe.. x moh jugak...

Uruchimaru @ kf said...

rajen !!! thumb up .....

Anonymous said...

ko mmg kuat melantak~
pepagi datang ofis je status da tukau kebulur~

Hazzy Ishak said...

tak mau...wekk

hisham said...

dpt smart tag x..???

~0~ said...

huarghhh...aku ngantuk...xnak wat la..

syaf said...

alamak perot sakit r..x jadik r nk buat...shabottttt

~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...


ahh! siot la ko!!

~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...


bkn aboi yg bagi ke?
ap laaa~

~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...


xnk dah!

~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...


alaa.. ye la 2~

~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...


dem u again...
ak skunk fOOd munster!

~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...


tag ak xnk wat!
tag ko ak kne buat?

~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...

bro sham!~

hahah.. smart tag mhl 2 bro~

~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...


zedi ak taw..
mmg begitu slalo!

~@k1 is @utuMn!~ said...


pandai ko skip ea!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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